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 PROFILE: An Industrial Mechanic / Millwright (Certificated), Welder (TSSA-6), (Experienced) Pipe Fitter. OBJECTIVE: A Full Time Position as
 The Industrial Mechanic (Millwright) \ “… to do any task, work i am qualified for as always, that is, professionally well …”.

 consists of daily activities /works to a certain extent below recorded relative to the trade beside the name of any company i worked for introduced, na-
 mely, to interpret drawings, make sketches, machinery and pipes installations and repairs, modifications, maintenance and troubleshooting of …

ndustrial Mechanic (Millwright)O-I Canada Corp Toronto ON (Comp., closed) heavy machinery in glass production environment, packaging
 equipment, conveyors, pumps, mixers, elevators, blowers, transmissions, overhead doors, fabrications, flame cutting, welding etc., ▪ 7,1997-11,2003 ▪
 Millwright / Pipe Fitter
Sulzer Canada Inc Etobicoke ON 416-674-2034 ■ … (the) assembly of component parts of the (rhpg) compressors, installa-
 tions of pipes, tubes ▪ 1996 ▪ Industrial Mechanic (Millwright) KIK Corporation Concord ON 905-660-0444 ■ … blow molding machines, filling and
 packaging equipment, pumps, fabrications, basic electricity ▪ 1,1993-2,1995 ▪ BAPCO Inc ▪ Concord ON 905-669-1020 ■ … paint production machines,
 filling /packaging equipment, gear and oscillating pumps, mixers, pipes’ installation ▪ 11,1989-7,1991 ▪ Pipe FitterArrowhead Metals Ltd ▪ Etobicoke
 ON (Comp., closed) ■ … hydraulic and pneumatic circuits on heavy production machinery, installed pipes, tubes, plumbing ▪ 10,1988-11,1989 ▪
 Industrial Mechanic (Millwright)Meta-Kinetix \ Magna Inc Markham ON 905-787-7900 ■ … cnc machines, associated with it duties e.g., use of all
 maintenance shop machines /tools, handling basic electricity, electronic and other controls, too etc., ▪ 8,1987-7,1988 ▪
 ACME Strapping Inc Scarborough ON (Comp., closed) ■ … slitting equipment, heat-treating continuous, strapping heads, conveyors, fabrications,
 flame cutting, welding etc., ▪ 8,1984-6,1987 ▪ Sheet Metal Worker PM Industries Ltd  Winnipeg MB 204-586-8444 / 582-5794 … (the) assemblage
 of quality stainless steel equipment, fabrications, sandblasting, spot welding etc., ▪ 8,1983-7,1984 ▪
 Industrial Mechanic (Millwright) / Pipe Fitter / Welder
Five Companies Czechoslovakia … various  machines and construction devices such as
 cranes, elevators, compressors, loaders, mixers, conveyors, winches, swing stages, installations of pipe lines for new thermal power plants, iron mills,
 coal mine, oxygen mill, cooling system for plants, fabrications, flame cutting, welding etc ... ▪ 9,1963-7,1982 ▪


 Industrial Mechanic (Millwright)
Apprenticeship Training - Certificated 1966 /1992. Arc Welding - Test (TSSA-6  /2000), Oxy-Acetylene Welding,
1971 / Forklift Operator License /2000. A Driver’s License G. Computer Skills: Microsoft Word, FrontPage, Set-up, repairs /2001.
 Graduated Primary School …

 REFERENCES: A Previous Work Experience. The Sulzer’s Canada Inc. Reference Letter (1996) … PERSONAL: Languages - English, Czech, Slovak.
Citizenship - Canadian, (non-smoker \ h., 173.5) … MILITARY SERVICE: The Czech / Slovak Forces as a Communications (2 yr., + ex.,) ....
Philosophy, History, Astronomy, Literature, Arts, to make the artistic blacksmith’s products. The Author \ Publisher of Philosophy,
a few other Scientific Papers and Poetry (1987-2016).