of the "unknown" (19.XII.1948) nationality, presently residing in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada ... 
Languages: Czech, Slovak and English ... The Author of Philosophy, Astronomy /Cosmology, a few other Scientific Papers relative e.g., to History,
Religion, Medicine (jurisprudence) etc., and (the most beautiful of all) Poetry ...

Works published: (out of print)

Of Love with Constant Regard to Reality
States of Existence in the Space

On the Sizes and Distances of the Sun and Moon that
the Sun /God's circle encompassing "all" is smaller than the Earth

The Scythians and Scythianisms 
Of the Movement of Scythia’s Moonlets along the Infinite Stretch
Epilogue ( in Czech ) ( in English )

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Prospective works: (...)

God Materially Existent in the Universe 
Aristonean Love and the Distances in the Universe
An Outline of New Astronomy 
The English Dictionary of Scythianisms
A Systematic Dictionary of Scythianisms in Czech,
Hungarian /Slovak

Samo II. the "French" Trader (579 - 657)
"Ba dava(t), pyta" (as it is ...)

Scientific Poetry
Of the Immortality
"... time ..."

" … this is my name,
(and) at the same
time (it is) also a signature, 
it signalizes a new, better world - more poetical one …