A Natural Analogy of Love

"... and then, here we follow an unhappiness in its totality, to wit ...
after of this love failure in Montreal being in love he had traveled (by bus) to Quebec City not perhaps to find there that in past semi-forgotten natural analogy of love but to see that city being curious of this city history he entered that place ('... what it was i had not realized at once not a tragedy of love that it was but that in me in my SOUL /MIND indeed so it was ...').
What is also followed here of that day hard to forget (+/- 4 pm +) moments is that indeed it is /was ME who entered that place and as the cities mentioned are real so too this love story - a stray direction of LOVE in details recorded, true then no more now i would say the case of it that it was ..." (This is A MESSAGE to that of love now so distant and yet constantly present, beautiful in a sense of Aristonean Love 1985 VII. / VIII. moment